On my graduation from de Wackers Art Academy in Amsterdam, Jaap Nijstad (art historian) wrote this of my work.

Initially, her work seems obvious. It‘s the framed view, careful formatting and a delicate subject. The balance between form and color makes a strong composition. The delicate nuances of tone and the detail ensure that the viewer is drawn to seek the different viewing positions; at times close above, at others a little further to view the entire subject. The subtlety of the differences in tones, the precisely chosen frame and the refined taste of the subject rise above the banal, allowing viewing to be a purely aesthetic pleasure.”

To bring out this quality, I need to be constantly focused on my surroundings. In Amsterdam, but most particularly when I’m traveling, all my senses are open and heightened and all that information is then reflected in my work.



Rotterdamse Snijschool, Amsterdam                                       1990 – 1992
Wackers Academie, Amsterdam                                                 1998-2002


Final show Wackers Academie, Amsterdam                             June 2002
Kunst10daagse, Bergen                                                            October 2002
Open Days Ateliers, K. du Jardinstraat Amsterdam                May 2006
Kunst10daagse, Bergen                                                            October 2006
Various Open Ateliers, de Pijp, Amsterdam
Illustration  special publication kindertehuis                      Februari 2011
Various Open Ateliers, East Amsterdam
Open Ateliers BK49, Amsterdam                                       November 2014
Kunst10daagse, Bergen                                                             October 2015
Pop-Up, Gerard Doustraat, Amsterdam                            December 2015
Open Ateliers Oost, Amsterdam December 2017
Menno Kroon Cornelis Schutstraat 11 Amsterdam January 6th – March 22nd 2018