Handwork has always fascinated me, especially old handwork.

In the mid 19th century, after industrialization had gripped England, the Arts and Crafts movement appeared. The movement wished to preserve craftsmanship for its individual character and beauty and was against mass production. Alas, there are too few artisans left in the western world. Production lines have taken over from craft and craft classes have all but disappeared from the school curriculum. Craftsmanship seems to have lost its value. Automization has been introduced the whole world over, globalization does the rest; cultures will disappear partially or entirely and along with them their habits and customs.

My search for antique textiles began on a trip through Rajasthan. I now have a large collection of all kinds of textiles, embroidery, ribbons, buttons and gold lame from all over the world. I try to give these pieces new life in a series of work that I call ‘ OLD RENEWED’. I combine these venerable materials with images and work them into cushions, not cushions to lean upon but objects to admire. Discovering along the way, how beautifully someone would repair their flour sack. Enjoying the irregularity of hand-woven cloth as well as the particular motifs of the highly decorated “kraplappen” from Dutch traditional costumes. Gaining appreciation for the patience and dedication that made and wrought all kinds of textiles.