A classical vocational training in drawing and painting helped my development into a figurative artist. A few years ago I picked up my old love for antique textiles and handcrafts with the intention of showing their beauty in a new context. When collecting old materials, I am guided purely by feelings. Their infinite variety challenges me to combine endlessly; groups of textiles, handcrafts, haberdashery and more are arranged and rearranged on the tables in my studio. I arrange over and over, often with long intervals, until I am satisfied. The combination of color, material, form and structure determine the final ‘objects d’art décoratives’ in the ‘old-new’ series.
More recently I apply this more sensitive, associative approach to my two-dimensional work. In the new series ‘Connecting the unknown’ my work has undergone a change due to these new experiences. My observations are still the basis from which I work, however, I now strive for aspects of these perceptions that do not directly have a connection but belong together emotionally, connecting with each other in such a way that a new image emerge.